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Course Catalog

The Art of Intercession 

The class starts on July 8th- August 29th for the Summer Semester of 2024.


Course Description

Explore the evolution of prayer, from the model prayer that Jesus so graciously explains to his then-new disciples in Matthew chapter 6 to the powerful, life-changing ascension prayers of the Apostles found in Ephesian chapter 1. These prayers take us into the third heaven to transact governmental business on behalf of the Kingdom of God. This course will make you aware of and teach you to activate the kingdom authority that believers possess when entering the chambers of glory through selfless, fervent, and consistent intercession.


Course Objectives:

  • You will learn the art of an Intercessor.

  •  You will discover the attitude and altitude of an intercessor.

  • You will discover the power of Fasting and Travailing.

  • You will examine prayers that cause an earthquake.

  • You will understand the job of a Gatekeeper.

  • You will understand the job of a Watchman.

  • You will understand the authority/keys of the Intercessor.

  • You will understand the power of the intercessor.

  • You will learn the purpose and the power of the prayer watches.

  • You will discover how the Logos and Rhema word work in Intercession.

  • In prayer, you will understand the power/purpose of decrees and Prophetic Declarations.

  • You will learn how to apply the following in your daily prayer life:

    • Prayer strategies.

    • Prophetic prayers.

    • Healing prayers.

    • Territory shifting prayers.

    • The proper articulation brings regulation and manifestation in the now.

 Evangelism in the 21st Century (The Missional Church)

 Fall semester of 2024 TBA

Course Description:

This course teaches the practicalities of Christian life and how to carry out the Great Commission of evangelism. We will also learn the history of evangelism in the Church Age and examine discipleship and the cost of propagating the gospel in the Age of Apostasy. It will also teach strategies to evangelize in the modern-day Post Pandemic culture.

Course Objectives:

  • You will understand the ramifications of the Great Commission referenced in ( Matthew 28:18-20)

  • You will learn the etymology of the word  Evangelism/Evangelist

  • You will explore the Age of Apostasy

  • You will examine the evolution of the Christian Era  and the Post- Christian Era

  • You will learn how to Evangelize in the Post- Christain Era 

  • We will examine the Pathology of the Generations

  • You will understand the Heart of Evangelism (discipleship)

  • You will examine the Missional Church

  • You will explore  strategies of the Missional Church and The Post-Pandemic Age

  • You will understand The Kingdom Church Age and Evangelism

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