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The Art of Intercession 

 Class starts Thursday, February 11, 2021.


Course Description:

Explore the evolution of prayer, from the model prayer that Jesus, so graciously explains to his, then new disciples, in Matthew chapter 6, to the powerful life-changing ascension prayers of the Apostles found in Ephesian chapter 1 that take us into the 3rd heaven to transact governmental business, on behalf of the Kingdom of God. This course will make you aware of and teach you to activate the kingdom authority that believers possess when entering the chambers of glory through selfless, fervent, and consistent intercession.


Course Objectives:

  • You will learn the art of an Intercessor.

  •  You will discover the attitude and altitude of an intercessor.

  • You will discover the power of Fasting and Travailing.

  • You will examine prayers that cause an earthquake.

  • You will understand the job of a Gatekeeper.

  • You will understand the job of a Watchman.

  • You will understand the authority/keys of the Intercessor.

  • You will understand the power of the intercessor.

  • You will learn the purpose and the power of the prayer watches.

  • You will discover how the Logos and Rhema word works in Intercession.

  • You will understand the power/purpose of decrees and Prophetic Declarations in prayer.

  • You will learn how to apply the following in you daily prayer life:

    • Prayer strategies.

    • Prophetic prayers.

    • Healing prayers.

    • Territory shifting prayers.

    • Proper articulation that brings regulation and manifestation in the now.

Elijah The Revolutionary

Class starts: Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Course Description:

Explore the life and times of one of the greatest prophets of the Old Testament, Elijah the Tishbite. Some historians thought Elijah to have been an angel because of the way he enters the scene in I Kings 17. However, the Apostle James assures us in [James 5:17] that he was a man, subject to like passions like us, but he continues in his description to herald his commitment to God by his service to continuous fervent, intense prayer. “Jehovah is God”, is the Hebrew meaning of this illusive prophet’s name. In this course, we will explore how the prophetic meaning of Elijah’s name is the key to his life’s purpose and God’s plan for shifting an entire nation back to himself.


Course Objectives:

  • You will discover the connection between the Prophet Elijah of the Old Testament and the Spirit of Elijah mentioned in Luke 1:7.

  • You will learn how his commitment to fervent prayer made him candidate: to start a Revolution;

  • You will learn what an Elijah Revolution is;

  • You will discover why the Spirit of Elijah is significant to the 21st-century believer;

  • You will explore how the Spirit of Elijah shifts the culture and makes ready a people prepared for the lord [Luke 1:17];

  • You will learn how the Elijah Revolution leaves a double portion for the next generation;

  • You will discover how the Spirit of Elijah effects prophetic prayers;

  • You will learn how the Elijah Revolution confronts the Spirit of Jezebel;

  • You will learn how the Elijah Revolution Eliminates Ambiguity;

  • You will learn how the Elijah Revolution ushers in the Supernatural to destroy the Spirit of Religion;

  • You will discover how the Spirit of Elijah affects the 7 Cultural Mountains of Influence;

  • You will gain prayer strategies and action strategies to invade the Cultural Mountains of Society.