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Institute Registration  and  Information

Center Gradient Transparent

Tuition & Registration

Registration Process and Deadlines

Registration: Spring Date Coming Soon

Course registration will take place online and will be open for two weeks before the start of class. Once courses are posted, students can register for the course that best fits their schedule availability. Online registration instructions will be included in the acceptance packages.


Classes begin TBD. For two payment package options, see the administrator for details.

Program Fees

Application/ Admin Fees: $20

This non-refundable fee covers the class syllabus, handouts, online program platform, and access fee.


Tuition: $115

This is the charge of teaching and instruction. Tuition is payment for services rendered; therefore, it is not tax-deductible.  Total: $135

Register for The Art Of Intercession
Thursdays 7:00 pm.-8;30pm

Register for Evangelism:
( The Missional Church)
Tuesdays 6;30pm-8:pm.

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